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The Online Dating Scams

Posted on September 22, 2017 in Uncategorized

You don’t have to be a detective to know that online dating scams are rampant these days. However, you can surely avoid being a victim by taking note of the following:

Stop when you are being asked for money. Some scammers would tell their brother is sick or anything just for them to get a certain amount of cash from you. It is important not to give in to what they wish to get. No matter what they will think of you once you refuse the offer, just think that it isn’t a normal behavior for someone so strange to ask for money especially when they have never met in person even for once. Be wary, scammers are quite creative. Sometimes, they will ask for airfare fees so they can visit you or they may ask the cash saying other reasons they could probably crafted just for you. As a rule, don’t give cash no matter what their reason is.

An online scammer who wishes to communicate with you through emails is a big no. They wish to do this because they are aware that there is a big possibility for their profile to be soon deleted the moment online dating service realizes their appalling activity. These people would normally send their email address on the first or second communication.

Watch out for people with fake pictures. It’s best to trust your instinct. In case you see that the photo is quite suspicious, stop the communication. Photos displaying very beautiful woman or severely handsome men, think they may also mean fake photos hence don’t fall for them.