Your Essential Guide To Avoiding Online Dating Scams

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It is widely acknowledged that the Internet has opened up many doors for people everywhere, giving them access to all sorts of products, services and information that they would never have had before. However, it has also opened up the gateway for millions of con artists to take advantage of people that do not even live in the same country as them! UK online dating is no different in that respect. You can meet people from all over the country but can also fall victim to them as well.

Unfortunately, it can be difficult to tell the legitimate UK online dating sites from the bogus ones at a glance. They may look the same and navigation may feel the same, but this is exactly why the bogus UK online dating sites are successful. The incidence of online dating scams has risen in the last year or so but you can avoid falling victim to them by reading on!

There are two common types of UK online dating scams – the email scam and the fake site scam. The former is when an email is sent to you regarding a site that you are already a member of, but the latter is a UK online dating site that has been set up specifically to lure people to it with the sole intention of ripping them off. The following lists will give you a checklist so you know exactly what to look for!

The Email Scam

  • The majority of emails sent to you by UK online dating sites will start with your member number or real name. A bogus email will start with your screen name. For example, instead of John Smith it will read jsmith007.
  • The email will always have a link contained in it. Whether or not you think that the email is real, always log in by inputting the web address into your browser. Never click on links to sites in emails.
  • If you are doubly suspicious then go to the site via Google. No search engine will index a duplicate site because it is usually hastily set up so it can easily be taken down again and leave no tracks for law enforcement to follow.
  • If you suspect that a phishing email (the correct term for them) has been sent to you then report it to the UK online dating site itself. They will confirm whether or not it is real.

The Bogus Site Scam

  • A bogus site will often be introduced to you via an email. Again, search for the site through Google or Yahoo to make sure that it appears on the search engines to verify its existence.
  • Check out the UK online dating profiles. Bogus profiles will appear to be very similar in most cases and will almost certainly seem hastily put up. Most people take a little time over their profiles.
  • When you go onto a payment page, it may be difficult to tell the difference, but always check for a little padlock appearing in the corner of your browser. This means that it is verified and secure. Another indicator of this is a web address beginning with “https” and not “http”.
  • Finally, search the Internet for reviews of the individual site. If it is real then there will be a number of reviews written by real people available for you to read.

The Online Dating Scam – 5 Great Tips to See If Your Partner is Who They Say They Are

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Online dating scams are big at the moment. The papers are full of them. So often you hear of men and women being conned by some scammer claiming to be someone they aren’t. Just today I read of a gang of men from Nigeria, using false persona’s conning over $300,000 out of their victims in the space of just a few short months.

Their scam premise was that they pose as US or British businessmen. Once a relationship has been built through an online dating site, they then have to take a business trip to Nigeria, where everything “apparently” goes wrong. This is when they start pleading their online dating partners for money. Trouble is, by then, their partners have already fallen in love with them and so send the cash out willingly, totally unbeknownst to them that these scammers have been in Nigeria all along!

So what can we do to protect ourselves against these online dating scams? Well, here are five quick tips to help ensure you don’t get caught out. Invariably, these scams are mainly men scamming women, but of course, it happens both ways, so this advice is for everyone!

  1. Ask for and expect webcam conversations. It’s one thing to upload a photo of an attractive person on the internet, but they aren’t going to be able to pull that off over a webcam. Webcams only cost a few dollars these days, so if you’re getting excuses on why they can’t webcam with you, you should be taking a big step back.
  2. If they are claiming to hold certain positions at work or a certain level of education, ask them questions about their profession. They should be able to give you decent discussion and answer basic questions without needing to quote, “get back to you on that”.
  3. Keep a lookout for basic grammatical and spelling errors which could indicate that the spammer is not writing in their native language. Again, it can be an indication of their level of education.
  4. Take a good look at the emails that you are receiving. Do they appear to be too general in nature, with perhaps only a small personalised introduction and do they have a disjointed feel where they don’t naturally progress from the previous email?
  5. There are various resources available on the internet to help you “snoop” into the life of your partner to ensure they are who they say they are. You may feel that this is being too intrusive, but love is the most intrusive tool!

Love is based on trust and honesty, and it is your trustfulness that these online dating scam artists are preying upon. They see your ability to love as your greatest weakness. So, by following the above advice, you can help to protect yourself and ensure that your life and your money are kept safe.


Online Dating Scams

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One of the things that you need to be wary of when it comes to online dating are online dating scams. Since the very nature of online dating does not pave the way for you to personally interact with the person you are talking to, there are relatively high chances of being misled by other people.

It is possible for you to be talking to someone who is trying to be someone else or talking to someone who all nice and gentlemanly only to find out that when you get to meet in person the person turns to be not only obnoxious but really weird and freaky.

It is therefore important for you to be able to maintain a certain sense of responsibility when it comes to online dating and see to it that you always remain composed when it comes to dealing with the different types of people you interact with.

You should also have an idea of how some online dating scams work in order for you to be able to prepare well for it. If you happen to find out about a scam or is currently experiencing it at the moment, you should definitely report it to the website you go to online and make sure that the team do something about it.

Informing the website developers about online dating scams will not only do you good but will also do those good as they could definitely do something about it and make their websites work better for the advantage of their members and prospective clients and advertisers.