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Online Dating Scams

Posted on September 20, 2017 in Uncategorized

While most of the people on online dating sites are just like you, there are plenty that aren’t. They unfortunately spoil the fun for many, but if you educate yourself on what to look out for you will be able to spot a scammer before you become a victim. The following are some of the scams you should look out for.


When your online love interest asks for money you should run! In 99.9 percent of the cases when someone asks for money it is because they are trying to scam you. If you have been talking with them for a couple days or weeks then you may be interested in them and want to help them. They likely made up a sob story of a family member needing medical care, their car broke down, they want to come visit you, or some other likely situation. When this happens you should simply take your leave and forget about your love interest because they were only interested in scamming you out of your money. In all likelihood, you send the money and never hear from them again.

Phony Photos

When you look at their profile you will probably think the photos are too good to be true or look like professional models. Scammers frequently use photos from magazines and websites in their profiles. Scammers will also steal photos of other online daters to use. Don’t fall for this scam!

Conflicting Information

If you are talking with your love interest and their story seems to change a lot or they keep telling you the same information over and over that is a telltale sign that they are communicating with many people and don’t remember what they are telling you. Not to mention most of it is lies so they can’t keep their stories straight. When this happens to you simply move on.

Lots of Attention

If your love interest wants to know all about you, yet doesn’t want to share personal information, you should wonder what’s going on. In general, people will want to share information about themselves and if you are talking to someone who does not then you should recognize this and move on.