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Do Not Fall For This Online Dating Scam

Posted on September 12, 2017 in Uncategorized

As you are searching for the perfect online dating site, please do not fall prey to a very common scam.

“Substandard’ online dating sites, will do whatever they can to get your membership.

1. You’ve done your homework. You’ve reviewed all of the sites that caught your attention.

2. You decided to accept their free trial offer.

3. You put up an attractive photo, and a well thought out profile.

Within 15 minutes you hear the familiar or unfamiliar chime of new mail. It is from a doctor and his profile fits your ideal mate to a “T”! They are new to your area, looking for an available person to spend time with. They think you are a dream come true!…(sigh…)

You are so excited, you can hardly stand it! Taking your time, you make sure to put your best foot forward. Your email is cute, insightful, intelligent, a little humorous…(enter)

(You don’t know it yet, but you are about to fall for an online dating scam!)

Within seconds, you receive an email from their subscription department. They inform you, with your Free Trial membership, you can send and receive emails but cannot respond to the emails! However… for the next 20 minutes you can join for 50% off of the Silver…Gold…and Platinum membership. You would hate to let a little money stand between you and the answer to your prayers!

4. You take out your credit card…(exactly what they were hoping for!)

You immediately sign up for the Silver membership. (Why get the Gold or Platinum one…you only need to reach that one special person and you think you already know who that is!)

You send the perfect response. Guess what…? No reply…you try again the next day, again on the third day. On the fourth day (Too late to get your refund. This particular site has a 72 hour, no questions asked refund policy!) you discover this member…is no longer a member.

A coincidence? I doubt it. If during your free trial, you receive an email from what appears to be a dream come true? It’s usually a scam. Trust your common sense and mature judgment.