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How To Spot Internet Dating Scams

Posted on December 11, 2017 in Uncategorized

One of the great things about online dating services is the anonymity and physical separation. You can enter a conversation and find out about a potential date behind the safety of your computer monitor. But that same advantage carries a risk – the risk of being conned.

Unfortunately, there are people in the world who use this new tool to harm others. They hide behind that screen, using it as a means of scamming those who just want to find a romantic partner. Flushing them out isn’t easy or fool-proof, but there are several techniques you can use to up your odds against being scammed or worse.

Some people will mis-report their age, gender or other personal information. But an alert reader can often ferret out those falsehoods. The predators that hide online often slip-up on such simple and obvious things. They’ll report experiences they couldn’t possibly have had if they are who they say they are. They’ll show unhealthy interest in someone. They’ll make inconsistent statements about who they are and what they do or want.

The first reaction of most normal, healthy-minded and honest people online – which is the overwhelming majority – is to believe they must be misinterpreting. They give a little too much benefit of the doubt. Avoiding paranoia is good. The world isn’t generally a dangerous place. But being alert and tuned into what’s being said, while exercising appropriate caution, is wise.

Protect yourself further by not revealing too much too soon. Certain personal information should never be revealed to anyone online, unless you’ve met and know them fairly well. Your phone number, address and credit card information top the list.

When things reach the stage of considering a face-to-face meeting, a few phone calls first is a good idea. But either block your phone number from appearing when you call them or invest in a throwaway cell phone. Many services exist to reverse-look-up your address based on your phone number. Take proper precautions.

Never give out your address. You don’t want uninvited visits from someone you don’t yet know well. Never provide anyone with your credit card number, password or other protected financial information. Those items are among the most common means that identity thieves have for using your credit card without authorization.

Don’t tell someone you barely know where you work, either. It may seem like a safer place to meet the first time, and it generally is. But if things don’t work out, or they turn out not to be who they said they were, you don’t want them to know where you’ll be at predictable times.

It may sound romantic for someone to show a passionate interest in you right away. That’s especially attractive to those who have been alone for a while and not meeting anyone interesting or exciting. But apart from the high odds of such a person being too needy, that can be just another way to lure the unwary.

‘Trust, but keep your eyes open,’ is a very wise old saying. Heed the advice.

Online Dating – Don’t Get Robbed

Posted on December 7, 2017 in Uncategorized

Online dating can be a great way to meet new and interesting people. If you approach meeting someone via online dating with the same level of caution and discretion as you would if you met someone in a bar for example, you really should not have any problems. Don’t forget there are bad people in bars and there are bad people using online dating. Don’t forget to use your common sense.

Unfortunately, there are some very bad people who prey on people who use online dating and who are desperately looking for a relationship. Don’t fool yourself by thinking this can’t happen to me. Typically, this is how the scam unfolds.

A person will begin a very innocent conversation with someone they have met online. Usually, but not always, the scammer lives overseas or a considerable distance away. The online dating turns into an online relationship. This can go on for quite some time. The scammer may portray themselves as descent and hardworking but perhaps a little down on their luck.

In many cases, the scammer can list a host of reasons why they don’t have money. Most often, many of the reasons never involve their own responsibility. A carefully concocted story unfolds why the scammer has no money. They often refer back to carefully taken notes of their online conversations with you. You can’t but help feeling emotionally connected to this person. You feel as though they were listening to you and paying attention to your needs.

Unfortunately, they only want your money.

The scammer may broach the subject of being unable to cash a check and being in a really difficult position because of it. Remember these people are masters are playing on your emotions.

They will ask if you can help them out. They will want to send you a check so you can cash it on their behalf. After the check is cashed and you send the money back, the scammer is usually gone quicker then you can say fraud.

Remember a couple of simple things that will ensure your financial safety while online dating. Be very suspicious if ANYONE asks you to cash a check for them. This should cause you to put the breaks on quickly. If they do send you a check, bring it to your bank and ask them what they think of it.

Always use common sense and always exercise a healthy amount of skepticism when using online dating or meeting someone for the first time.

Online Dating – Dangers and Things To Be Aware of!

Posted on December 4, 2017 in Uncategorized

This is the age of the people on the web; by the web; and for the web. The young and the old, the rich and the poor, the haves and the have-nots, all converge on one platform where everyone is virtually equal. There is love, and there is hate. There are blogs and there are chat, there are search engines and then there are instant messengers too. Google and Yahoo have found new meaning in everyday parlance. In the middle of this, there is love blossoming some where, which is dependent on the diverse mediums available for it to grow. The love is often virtual, but sometimes turns into a reality for a few lucky ones.

Love and betrayal have always been bosom pals. The virtual medium of expressing love is no different. For every one relationship which transform from the realms of the virtual domain into a real one, there are countless ones which end in shattered hearts, missing aliases, and sometimes even empty wallets. On a number of occasions the result is actually physical; physical harm to the person involved. Broken bones and teeth, rapes ( virtual and real! ), blackmail…. and the list goes on. Its frightening sometimes, just to think of the level to which some cranky character can fall to fulfill his/her desire. The process of proposing, dating and interacting however goes on. It is like the gold rush in the west. Every one goes on taking a chance with the hope of striking gold. Digging deeper, taking risks, investing time and effort and then there are a few lucky ones who actually find their true love.

Thus goes the story of online dating and love chat sites. But….behind the rosy hope of finding a partner whose thoughts matches yours, who could be the dream person you always desired, lies the ugly face of the process. False aliases, scam setups, blackmail, eavesdropping etc are very real dangers that exist in the big bad cyber world today. What is required is the awareness of the basic tenets of net and chatting etiquettes. The list is not exhaustive, and maybe no list can ever be, but they are the basic principles on which the relationship on the net can be made and developed. The list goes like this ….

· Never keep your personal name as your alias. Strict NO! Never reveal your personal identity to an unknown dater. You never know who the other person might be…

· Use personal chat rooms and try and frequent dating sites which provide you with this facility. Public dating gets mixed up real fast and it exponentially multiplies your chances of being caught off guard.

· Never initiate a chat or date a person who has bad history on the net. If he has a bad history on the net and he is sticking to the identity, then he surely must have a reason for loving it. Psycho !

· Control the speed of the relationship. If the guy or girl wants to meet you after the first few interactions on the net, your radars should sound an alarm. Meeting after a relationship on the net is like going for a night cap over to the real person’s house after several real dates. Mark the equivalence and make the standards of relationship based on your choice and preference to graduate to the next level.

· Always intimate a close physical partner about the existence of a net partner. Ideally, the physical partnership must always precede the virtual one to be on the safer side. When graduating to a physical meeting, be sure to intimate your best friend, or best take him/her along. It helps a lot and keeps you safe.

· All rules for a safe physical date are applicable for a net date. Dress safe – don’t upload your pictures the first time the guy wants to have a peek at you. Don’t trust the person on the sweet talk he types. He/she might be the biggest rouge in town. A lot of cyber Romeos are not what they advertise.

· Do a cross-check on the person with whom you are chatting by inviting your friend over as a casual onlooker. Try ways to get a three way talk going in order to check if the conversations are repeated. A simple and effective rule is that if an identity repeats the same tone of conversation and expresses love to you and your friend, beware!

· Trust your instincts. The most fundamental principle for doing a check is to trust your instincts on a person. Too sweet or too salty, both are to be viewed with a skewed eye.

· Online love is seductive and addictive. You open up your inner emotions watching the blinking cursor and then the trouble begins. Don’t get into a situation from which the person on the other end the communication channel can take advantage of you. Don’t let this virtual process overcome your emotions. Remember its VIRTUAL.

On an average, a good dating site will approximately host 20 new females and 30 new males per evening for a dater to chat to and develop a relationship. It means that you have around 50 new people to contact every evening. Here new means new. First or second timers. That also means there are 50 new carrots to be bitten by the more experienced and sometimes misguided daters looking for a newbie.

This was for all those newbies. Take your time, see the virtual place, observe the tenets of safety listed above and you will be safe in the business of online dating. Hopefully……..