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How to Avoid Online Dating Scam – Some Essential Tips You Have To Know

Posted on September 28, 2017 in Uncategorized

While the internet is a great and easy place to look for love, it is also a dangerous place if you are not on your guard. Since you will be putting your best foot forward to impress your would be love, you can be an easy target for online dating scam. Far too often, Internet daters with love in their eyes have gotten swindled by people who have played their heartstrings to milk them for cash and more. Finding love online has worked for tons of people, but if you want to be one of them, you have to be savvy about spotting red flags of a bad or dangerous situation. When you are evaluating your new online friends, keep an eye out for these clues to help protect yourself from falling victim to the scammers.

The first big clue you should look for is inconsistencies in the stories your new online friend emails you. You do this naturally when you meet people in the real world, but with time and space between emails, it might take a closer look for you to do this when you have met someone on the net. Does the person the other end tell the same stories over and over again, but with a little difference each time? Does the tone or voice of the email seem to change? Does the person you talk to seem to better at spelling or grammar in some emails than others? All of these things can be clues that you are not just talking to one love sick person but rather a team of con artists setting you up as the perfect mark.

The next clue is if the person talking to you online is interested in asking question after question about you but actually reveals very little about them. Sometimes, when you have stars in your eyes and are enjoying the attention it can be a little difficult to realize that deep conversation has all been one sided. After a conversation, ask yourself what you could tell someone about your online love. If you can’t come up with anything personal about them beyond where they live and their name, you might have been milked for the kind of information that makes it easier to swindle you.

This next clue is a little touchy, but it is an important one. Check out that picture that your online friend sent to you. Are you a little bit in shock over just how attractive they are? Gorgeous people need love to, and sure, some of them do look for it online. But Internet hustlers often turn photos of bikini models and body builders into personal photos for their online profile. Does this photo really match who you think this person is? If you’re suspicious, trust your gut.

This last clue seems a little bit obvious on the surface, but in practice it may be a little harder to apply than you think. If your online dating friend asks for money, you should definitely run the other way. It can be easy to scoff at the idea that you would even consider handing over your cash to a stranger online. When a person has been showering you with attention and affection, engaging in long, in depth conversations with you, seemingly eager to invite you into their life, and then they have a little “emergency” and need your help, it is much less easy to say no. You may feel like you are lending money to a friend in need. What you’re really doing is giving money to a stranger. If they ask, you should cut them off.

The bottom line for online dating is to look for these signs, but above, listen to the alarm bells that go off in your own head. If you think it isn’t right, it probably isn’t.

Online Dating Scams – Watch The Ground You Trend On

Posted on September 26, 2017 in Uncategorized

Dangers of online dating involve online dating scams too. In every society there is crime and this does not exempt Internet society. The number of people using the Internet is rising day by day. The high number of online users attract fraudsters who are after robbing users their money. Dating frauds are said to be more than any other online frauds. The thugs create very fancy, attractive profiles targeting a particular online victim. The tricksters are keen to make very convincing and sob stories which can con anybody however discerning they might claim to be. The victims are lured by these stories and end up innocently giving out important personal information especially the most wanted bank account. They also get the names and address to enable them make good their motive.

Online dating scams are mere exploitation and heartless scandals. After getting the victim’s contact they work on building up trust and confidence. They will convincingly ask for money by giving sympathizing false stories. They ensure that the story seeks sympathy from the potential partner. They place you as the only shoulder to lean on and the only person who loves and cares enough to get them out of a fix. For instance they can feign that they were robbed and badly beaten up hence request funds for surgery/treatment and you are the one and only person who is in a position help. Off course you being the loving and merciful person that you are you will respond. A famous and smart online dating scam is the one where the online partner says that she would want to physically visit you but she has no money for air ticket or travel documents.

You can be able to identify these online dating scams through your instincts. There are also several tell-tale signs that should warn you to treat the information with suspicion. Among them is a fabulous photo to effortlessly draw your attention. If they tell you to send the funds through money transfer this should raise your eyebrows. This shows he/she is not ready to disclose their personal information. Be ware if your online date does not give you any other option to contact him/her except through Internet. Something is being hidden from you. All these and more signs shows that there is more than meets the eye.

The victims are emotionally and financially affected. The online dating scams participants act with impunity because they know there is no way they can be identified and punished. Safe online dating can be only achieved if people stop disclosing their personal details to people they have never met physically. In support of safe dating, the former British prime minister,, Tony Blair urged the young turks to make use of the wealth of sexual information in order to take charge of their sexual lives. He went ahead to explain that in their school days there was no formal sex information. In their days people were to learn either from friends and relatives or from experience. He was keen to note that nowadays sex information is readily available. He was campaigning for safe dating including safe online dating where online dating scams should be eliminated.

Online Dating – Do Not Fall For This Online Dating Scam

Posted on September 24, 2017 in Uncategorized

There is one online dating scam that has been going on for many years! I hope I can stop singles from falling for it.

It is where an online dating site gives you a generous free trial, (that’s a good thing. Right?) So you start setting up your profile.

You have paid attention to all of the advice, lectures, instructions, etc. that I have given you.

Your User Name is clean and appropriate…the main photo on your profile is perfect…you’ve taken the time to answer the additional profile essay questions, and you are good to go!

While you are putting up the last few “finishing touches” you get an email. It is from a Single that seems to have read your profile and “morphed” into the perfect one for you! It is almost like they literally stepped out of a dream of yours! It is too good to be true.

At this point I wish I was nearby with a flashing neon sign: Do not fall for this online dating scam! But unfortunately…I’m not…

“…Hi there. I am new to this online dating thing. How has it been working for you? I decided it is time for me to stop being a workaholic and work on my personal life. I am opening my third clinic in this area, but I have vowed to keep my weekends free. I am looking for… (And here is where they describe you to the proverbial “T”!)

You are so excited you can hardly stand it! You respond with humor, maturity, and a little more about yourself. Smiling…you send it.

Now you wait…here it comes! “Hello New Subscriber! It appears you are trying to respond to one of our Platinum members. As a Free Trial member you are unable to do so. We are always looking for more single professional women such as yourself! And because of that we are offering you our Platinum membership for 50% off for the next 60 minutes only! Please do not pass up this opportunity to meet the person of your dreams!”

So, what do you think? Does that Dr. that is opening another clinic in your area a “real” member?

Just remember the saying: If it sounds too good to be true…It probably is!

Prepare yourself before venturing into the world of Online Dating Sites and you will find the one for you! I have no doubt.